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Gifting to TAF



Gifts and pledges can be accepted only if they are consistent with the charitable purposes of the Foundation’s status as an approved 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation and all Federal and state laws and regulations.

No gifts or pledges will be accepted which are barred by Federal or state law or regulation, including but not limited to civil rights laws.

Funds earmarked for the benefit of a particular individual are not considered by the IRS as charitable gifts and will not be treated as charitable gifts. The same is true of funds that are so restricted that only one individual can meet the restrictions, even though the individual is not named. However, when a donor indicates that a gift or pledge is for the support of a named member of the organization, the Foundation may accept the gift with the understanding that the donor is not designating a specific individual, but an area of activity as exemplified by the named member.

Funds where the donor continues to exercise control over the use of the funds, including selection of recipients or management of the Foundation’s assets, are not considered gifts by the IRS and will not be treated as gifts by the Foundation.

The Foundation may, at its discretion, decline to accept any gift or pledge for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. There are conditions to a gift that are not consistent with the purposes, values, or objectives of the Foundation.
  2. The gift could financially jeopardize the donor or the Foundation.
  3. The Foundation does not have the resources to honor the terms of the gift.
  4. Acceptance of the gift will result in unwarranted or unmanageable expense to the Foundation.
  5. There are physical or environmental hazards related to the gift.
  6. The gift could improperly benefit any individual.
  7. The Foundation is unable or uninterested in meeting donor restrictions.
  8. The cost to the Foundation of maintaining the gift or meeting the restrictions placed on the gift by the donor is excessive.
  9. The gift may result in inappropriate or undesirable publicity.



As with all charitable non-profits organization, finding support in the last few years has been particularly difficult. Yet without that support, we will produce fewer responsible young citizens and reduce our ability to contribute to humanitarian efforts that ultimately save lives and uplift the community.

Help us make a difference…

TAF Title Sponsor – $15,000

  • Logo on all TAF event promotional material and give-a-ways (t-shirts, pens, cups etc.)
  • Special invitation and recognition at all TAF community events
  • Company mentioned as Event Sponsor on all e-blast and promotional announcements
  • Company spokesperson invited to speak at major TAF events
  • Opportunity to provide promotional items for goody bags at TAF events
  • Opportunity for “Title” sponsorship of events

TAF Present Sponsor – $10,000

  • Company name featured prominently and recognition as the presenting sponsor at various TAF events I.E. Scholarships, Golf tournaments and Gala events
  • Prominent recognition on event promotional material and give –a-ways (t-shirts, pens, cups etc.)
  • Company mentioned as Presenting Sponsor on all e-blast and promotional announcements
  • Company spokesperson invited to be a co-presenter major TAF events
  • Opportunity to provide promotional items for goody bags at TAF events

Hospitality Sponsor – $5,000

  • Company name and logo prominently display at all hospitality stations at TAF events. I.E. registration tables, serving lines, and place mats.
  • Opportunity to provide promotional give-a-ways for goody bags in addition to napkins and other items that bare your company’s logo
  • Recognition as a TAF sponsor and ongoing supporter



Pledges are a promise to make a gift or series of gifts at some time in the future.

Pledges may be fulfilled on a schedule specified by the donor. The Foundation generally accepts a payment schedule up to five years from the end of the fiscal year in which the pledge is made. Annual payments are typically made in equal amounts, but may be otherwise agreed upon by the donor and the development officer.

Planned Gifts

Bequest provisions, promises to give identified retirement assets, gifts of paid-up life insurance, and any other revocable deferred gifts must be documented by the donor and include a copy of the Will or other third party paperwork. Promises to give identified retirement assets (such as an existing IRA) also need a signed release from the donor’s spouse. Such revocable deferred gifts will be separately credited in a revocable deferred gift category.