Omega SPARKS Young Men Mentoring Program

“SPARKS”: Scholarship People Always Rise; Keep Soaring

The Omega SPARKS is a mentoring program for young men ages 12-18. The TAF organization injunction with the Theta Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. are the primary sponsors of the program designed to provide guidance, support and exposure to these young men through direct interaction with role models in the community during these formative years.  

• Share the meaning and values of the four cardinal principles (Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift) of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., through precepts and examples;
• Provide essential tools for developing good citizenship, educational excellence, and social and economic growth through mentorship;  •Promote literacy and community uplift;
• Provide academic scholarship; •Instill citizenship and sense of community ownership;
• Provide exposure to positive social events and the arts; •Instill structure, process and direct skill sets needed to achieve high moral and ethical standards; 
• Model and reward success.

Program Structure:
The program has three (3) major components:
Monthly Meetings:  The mentors conduct monthly meetings with the young men from September through June. At these meetings, the mentors provide group counseling, self-improvement workshops, news, current event discussions and academic assistance.  
Community Service: Specific events will vary, and are centered on the arts, education, business and organized sports.
Leadership Training:  They elect officers and conduct business using “Roberts Rule of Order”. They also attend various young men forums associated with the national and regional bodies of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Membership Requirements:
• A member of this organization must agree to be bound by the provisions of this Constitution.
• Membership shall consist of young men ages 12 through 18.  Young men that are younger than age 12 are only permitted if they have mentors who agree to be present at the meetings and work with the SPARKS Mentoring Program.
• Young Men shall have or pursue good moral standards and academic excellence and have a desire to be a team player.
• Acceptance into the mentoring program will be determined by attendance, behavior, and completion of ten (10) community service hours during a four (4) month probationary period.
• Failure to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings without an acceptable excuse shall automatically be dropped from the program.
• The previous school year report card and/or transcript of each aspiring member shall be required as part of the application for membership.
Every applicant must complete the application form.

Program Attributes:
The most distinctive attribute of the Sparks mentoring program is its Workshop Areas.  The workshops discussions focuses on  numerous of concerns in a young man’s life to include: 

 Grooming: Focusing on body and hair care; dental care; appropriate dress issues to include sagging; shoe shine and tennis shoe cleaning along with physical fitness.  
Sexuality: Focusing on intercourse; abstinence; media; venereal diseases and peer pressure. 
 Drugs: Focusing on legal drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes; illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. 
 Finance: Focusing on banking and how to properly use them; and the important of saving and/or investing.
 Other workshop areas include education and discussion in the areas of Boyhood, Adolescence, Manhood and related Christian values.


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