About Theta Alpha Foundation

The Purpose

Theta Alpha Foundation (TAF) is a community based philanthropic organization dedicated to developing character and leadership skills in youth through mentoring, education, exposure and community uplift.  We manifest these core values through specific acts of kindness, leadership and programs that exemplify our commitment. 

      TAF is committed to forging collaborative  partnerships with persons, other organizations and businesses that shares those values and believe as we do  that we can make a difference.

TAF’s primary mission is to:

  • Mentor youth in an effort to develop and build character responsibility and citizenship
    • Encourage student academic excellence and focus in the areas of math science and technology
    • Expose students to various professional fields and options
    • Encourage education and contributions to the community fabric
    • Exposure to the arts
  • Provide financial assistance to deserving students attending a college or university
  • Enhance opportunities for social collaboration and interaction
  • Health education and wellness programs
  • Provide social services and job training to formerly incarcerated individuals, called a reentry program.

Board of Directors:

Chairman; Winston Huff
Vice-Chairman: Darrin Hemphill
Treasurer: Arthur Williams
Secretary: Rodrigua Ross
Members: Loletha Horton
Ben Green
Stafford Harris
Royce West Jr.
Charles Johnson, III
Past Chairman: Charles Johnson, Jr

Contact Information:
Email: tafdallas@gmail.com
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 225782
Dallas, Texas 75222